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Continual Improvement in Business Development

Tell us about your customer sales needs and your most pressing problems.  You may have concerns about growth in your existing markets, new market development, diversifying your client base, or product development.  Next, let us meet with your team who handle sales and marketing to hear about their concerns.  We will work together to develop customized sales and marketing strategies that drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Don’t have anybody dedicated to sales and marketing?  We can function as your sales and marketing team!


Strategic Planning

Building Strategy begins with a clear understanding of your present situation, qualifying where you want to go, and reviewing the gap between those two positions. Sales and marketing processes are critical componets to support business growth.

Market Research and Analysis

Understanding your customers, prospects and competitors is critical for success. Impact areas include market segmentation, competitor profiles, product development, process improvement, branding, pricing, promotional plans and customer satisfaction.

Product and Service Development

This is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products or services. It’s a systematic method of guiding a new product to market: ideation & research, coordination of development & production, go-to-market plans and fulfillment of your product for customers. It also includes packaging development and all the creative direction and branding.

New Market Development

A new market could mean a geographic expansion, distributor development, new product and service lines or an acquisition that opens new doors. Research and analysis, strategic planning, sales and marketing alignment and project management are important to be successful.

Inbound Marketing and Content

Attracting customers through compelling content which can include blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, and social media marketing. Combined with organic SEO (search engine optimization) and paid SEM (search engine marketing) it helps people find you when they search for your products and services online.


Marketing Automation

Software solutions that can connect multiple touch points and marketing channels including social media, email marketing, and content marketing. It allows marketers to systematically nurture customers through stages of the purchasing funnel.

Customer Relationship Management

Using a database to manage customers and prospects helps increase sales results. This type of software effectively organizes and optimizes your customer relations. Even basic CRM systems will help make your marketing and sales processes more successful.

Website Development

Steps include an analysis of the entire scope and objectives of your web presence to determine the right goals, focus, functionality, navigation, optimization, content and design architecture and reposting for an effective website. A powerful, mobile-friendly website promotes a good customer experience for your target market.


Marketing Communications (Outbound Marketing)

Outbound marketing: an overall plan to create awareness, build positive company image, properly communicate to your customers and prospects, and help drive acquisition, engagement and retention performance. Tools include email, newsletters, public relations and media, trade shows, graphic design, branding, brochures and catalogs, and video and photo shoots.

Social Media and Blog Content Management

Building your brand with unique content that supports your sales and marketing objectives. Marketing calendars with planned posts will increase effectiveness with your audience.


Continual Improvement in Operations

Tell us about your needs and what are your most important priorities.  Then let us meet with your manufacturing team to hear about their concerns.  Our objective will be to work with your team to develop and implement the right steps to support continual improvement.  The result is a more engaged and productive workforce.  And, you will have happier and more satisfied customers which is the foundation of a thriving business.


Process Improvement

We will help your team apply a systematic approach with proven Lean methods and operations tools for eliminating system performance gaps and typical processes waste. Gaining new efficiencies will keep you competitive.

5S+ Safety

Proven first step that organizes operations and reduces waste of your resources while increasing output. And, adding Safety helps drive worker engagement in the process.

Quality Control

How well do you understand the source of defective parts? We can help your team to improve your quality control system to reduce waste and add to your bottom line.

Maintenance Control

It’s important to have your equipment operating at the highest level of reliability. Optimal capacity can be achieved for your plant by helping your team implement a formal maintenance program.

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Value Stream (Process Flow) Mapping

An accurate understanding of information and material flow is crucial for plant efficiency. We will work with your team to document the present state and recommend action items for an improved “future state” with increased throughput.


Visual Systems + Controls

Easy communication of performance and problems is crucial. We can help your team create a visual system which is quick and easy.

Technical Training / Best Practices:

Let us identify, develop and deliver training to your team that fits your specific needs. We can also share best practices to enhance capacity and improve worker skill sets.

Project Facilitation

Our team doesn’t just develop a recommendation and leave. We help you be successful by implementing the solution while closely working with your employees.

Lean Culture Implementation

We believe Lean should be a systematic approach of analyzing and improving manufacturing processes with experienced mentors. An effective Lean approach is based on several proven waste elimination and improvement growth tools.

Tim Angbrandt

Manufacturing and Marketing Consultant
Founder of NEO Manufacturing Experts
and ANG Marketing Group